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Welcome to GLO!

Our purpose is to extend a beacon of reason to those in southeast Michigan

who are enthusiastically interested in studying Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism,

and applying it to the success of their lives.  We hold monthly dinner meetings

at our house in Redford (just west of Detroit), every 2nd Saturday.


Please join us for GLOCon 2015 Friday–Monday, September 4–7.

Reserve your tickets for the conference below.

We have three full days of fun and informative presentations, with tours and social gatherings in between. GLO is as friendly as it sounds! If you're interested in reason, individual rights and capitalism, please drop us a line.

Event Details

Join us for our Third Annual GLOCon (Great Lakes Objectivists Conference) this Labor Day Weekend!

We have expanded our schedule to include more lectures on Friday. We have three and a half days of fun and informative presentations, a bus tour, and social gatherings in between. If you're interested in reason, individual rights and capitalism, we'd be happy to meet you!

Don't wait - reserve your tickets now.

Friday, September 4

Plymouth Library, Walldorf/Dunning Rooms 930–545

10-1030 "Where to Start in Local Politics" - Amy Nasir
1030-11 Special Guest
11-12 "Panel Discussion: GLOist Republican Delegates" - Amy Nasir, Alex Witoslawski, Mike Neibel, Andrea Lilley, Arlene Pearson
12-1 Lunch 1-2 "Kant is Winning for Now: The Concrete-Bound Mentality" - Mike Neibel  
2-3 "Putting Common Core to the Test" - Shannon Gibson 
3-4 "Pan American Airlines: Government Cronyism or Capitalist Dream?" - Alexander Vanderberg
4-5 "Ayn Rand's 'Anthem' as a Graphic Novel" - Ken Krekler and John E. Hett

530 Dinner at a Downtown Plymouth restaurant - TBD

7 Music at Kellogg Park

Saturday, September 5

Plymouth Library, Walldorf/Dunning Rooms 930-445

10-11 "How Do You Know If Your Doctor Is Any Good?" - Paul Hsieh, MD
11-12 "A Tale of Two Swordsmen: Cyrano and Musashi" - Karen Minto
12-1 Lunch
1-2 "The Care and Feeding of Gifted Adults" - Cynthia Roeth
2-3 "Man: The Irrational Animal?" - Rick Minto
3-430 “Black Innovators and Entrepreneurs Under Capitalism” - Dr. Andrew Bernstein

6 Dinner at Detroit Restaurant - TBD

730 Detroit Experience Factory Private Bus Tour (cost about $25)

Sunday, September 6

Newburgh Lake (17 minutes from Jeff's place)
Jeff's House (10 minutes away from Plymouth Library)

9-1130 Morning Canoeing & Kayaking Field Trip at Newburgh Lake in Livonia
12-1 Lunch at Jeff's
1-2 "Wisdom" - Robert Nasir
2-3 "Inquiry vs. Advocacy" - Rick Minto 
3-4 "The Control Factor: A Detailed Discussion of the Various Paths of Denial in Human Thinking" - Karen Minto
430 "My Peek into the Wonderful World of Automotive Composites" - Mark Coldren
430-5 “Manufacturing Tools and Equipment Tour” - Jeff Sczepanski

6 Dinner at Jeff's with karaoke, music, philosophy, lampshades and fireworks!

Monday, September 7

Traveling day, or for those who can hang out:

10 TBD - Possible trip to Greenfield Village and/or Henry Ford Museum (Please note all times are subject to change. I'll keep everyone updated as much as possible.)

Rooms are available for out-of-town guests at the Hilton (or please inquire about rooms at our generous GLO members' homes)!

It will be best to arrive Thursday evening, September 3, and depart Monday, September 7.

Hilton Garden Inn Plymouth 14600 N. Sheldon Road, Plymouth, Michigan, 48170 734-354-0001 or 1-877-STAY-HGI 1.5 miles away from Plymouth Library

Hope to see you there!

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